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Happy Pastels For 2020

Hey there Beautiful Souls!

So before you completely forget that I exist in your life. I would like to say I am really sorry for being such a mess that I am and for not being so regular with my styling ideas and trends. Life is so inconvenient that at some point we fell short of happiness and we try to do as many things as possible to fall back into track. Well I was just finding my ways through the tough times. I truly believe in being a solve my own problems kind of girl. So I am sorry and I am back. Still couldn't give time to my shoots but as I am someone who love studying color trends. I bought another one for you.

Here I am to fill your life with 2 new pastel tones that you could add to your wardrobe without giving another thought that it will be soon out of fashion because I have bought it to you straight from the future. Forecasted by the best Fashion Forecasters WGSN.

The first color that I am crushing on is the color of the lemon which is slightly illuminated. Its a color for soft but strong. This is one of those colors that dominated the LMFW and that too not only in women wear but also for stylish men its a go to color. This is one of those colors you can style head to toe, also if something made you think its a color for next summer and we"ll be approaching winters soon then wait a second because this color is gonna fit in you winter sweaters too.

The second color is predicted as WGSN's color of the year 2020. The color which has already made a mark. And is such a beautiful shade of mint.The color talks about futurism having a taste of millennial pastel. The color will be seen in a lot of formal wear as its adds freshness and youthfulness to the look. Its a color you would love to style head to toe. The good part about this color is its gender neutral and even men are gonna love it.

If you want to get these shades do visit Zara stores to get lemon drop shade.


Mango has got a lot of beautiful outfits for Neo mint shade.

I'ill write about another trend pretty soon.

KEEP It trendy and KEEP smiling,

Because SMILE never go out of Trend!