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Do you ever wonder, Life would be so beautiful if we did what we love!

Well, Since the day I realised it, I have been constantly trying to do all that I love.

 Even if I regret doing it one day , atleast I won't regret trying.

Hi! I am Ananya Gupta Or A Colourful Mess to a lot of you. An Aspiring Lifestyle and Styling Influencer and Professionally a NIFT graduate Textile Designer.

For as long as I remember I have an enormous love for fashion and styling interiors. I remember myself as a child matching hairbands and fancy clips with my outfits, spending hours in front of the cupboard deciding what to wear and having a proclivity to use soap and glory products to using mini perfumes by Paris Hilton. 

Also, as a young child who loves art I used to decorate and paint the walls of my room, doors and embellish windows with beads and wires. 

And to my realisation today, as a grown up woman my love for either of them hasn't changed over the years. It has just got a little more complex and advanced through my studies and research on fashion and I want to keep learning everyday not just from my degrees and education but from all of you out there.

So here will be pieces of me from All Of Me to All Of You. I hope you all could relate with me and we become friends from just bare acquaintances through this long journey of mine. Its a journey of a lot of tips, suggestion and a lot of happiness. So get ready for a lot to come!